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Supplement Packaging & Powder Pouches

Healthy Products Require Healthy Packaging.

Staying in front of our health requires nutritional balance, exercise, and the occasional vitamin/supplement. These supplements can help build up our immune system or give us a vitamin boost where we would otherwise be deficient.

While your health brand is trying to formulate the perfect supplement, The Pouch House can help with your flexible packaging needs. We manufacture powder pouch packaging, supplement / vitamin sachets, custom stick packs and powder packs for single serve usage. We also offer formed stand up pouches and roll stock for automated filling.

All of our flexible packaging products are custom printed with Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certification. This ensures your packaging is safe for direct contact with consumable products.

In a rush for a trade show or have a hot order? No problem. The Pouch House can print your supplement packaging within 15 business days AFTER proof approval. *There's also a possibility of faster turns, pending material and press time availability.

Packaging Solutions

supplement packaging-custom supplement packet

Supplement Packaging

Our supplement packaging comes in different shapes and sizes. We can offer a flat pouch, or sachet, for individual packaging and a stand up pouch for bulk packaging. Check out our standard template sizes and see what works best for your supplement product.

custom vitamin pack-vitamin packaging

Custom Vitamin Pack

If you offer a custom vitamin pack subscription or an off-the-shelf product, The Pouch House can help. With custom vitamin packaging options, you can get high-barrier sachets or roll stock custom printed to your specifications.

powder pouch packaging-bulk drink mix

Powder Pouch

We can custom print durable powder pouch packaging for your bulk drink mix or sports powder. Our powder pouches are printed with a metallized barrier to ensure the mix stays fresh and dry. Ask for a powder proof zipper or Velcro for easier closure.

stick pack packaging-individual stick pack

Stick Pack Packaging

Individual packaging, such as stick packs, are very popular for powdered drinks. We can print stick pack packaging for both dry and liquid products. Note: The stick pack form factor is exclusive to automated filling/ roll stock. If you're filling by hand, you'll need a flat pouch.

spice packaging-bags for spice-spice pouch

Spice Packaging

There are a lot of interesting ways to cook with healthy ingredients. Certain spices and herbal supplements taste great and are great for you. If you need a spice pouch for multiple uses, let us know. For other spice packaging and pouch ideas, check out our snack food page.


Food Safety

You're in the business of wellness, making food safety very important. Our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 certification is built into every pouch we print, to ensure your pouches and roll stock are safe for consumption.


Supplement and vitamin brands are looking for more eco-conscious packaging solutions. The Pouch House offers compostable films to help your brand lower its carbon footprint.

Test Runs

If you're looking to test new supplement flavors, or need a small batch for a trade show, we can help. The Pouch House can also optimize flexible packaging unit costs for larger runs. Perfect for special flavored items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Supplement And Powder Packaging

If you're hand filling you'll need to order a flat pouch to give yourself enough clearance. The stick pack form factor (like a Crystal Lite stick) is only for automated filling, and therefore is only on roll stock. In that case you'll need your own powder packaging equipment or a co-packer.

Absolutely. We can send samples of our stock sizes for you to test your fill. If you need a custom size pouch, don’t worry, we can help!

Yes! Do note, those materials may come with a higher minimum quantity. Lead time is also based on material availability. A list of our common flexible packaging materials can be found here.

Normally 15 business days AFTER proof approval. Rush orders are available from time to time. Roll stock is about 5 business days faster, since we don’t have to pouch the film. A perfect solution for stick pack!

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