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Let's Go Snack Packing, With Great Snack Packaging Ideas!

Take A Hike... And Go Snack Packing!

It's a lot like backpacking, but instead of a backpack you bring a snack…hence snack packing! It can be a quick break from work or a park adventure with the family. Either way, snacking is a fun and (sometimes) healthy way to get a quick burst of energy.

The Pouch House custom prints snack packaging for a wide variety of snack food products. From chips and cookies, to candy and jerky. With our digital printing capabilities, we can print pouches and/or roll stock on high-barrier material to ensure your snacks stay fresh.

Need quick turns and short runs? No problem. The Pouch House can produce snack pouches within 15 business days AFTER proof approval and most orders carry a minimum of about 1,000 to 2,500 total pouches. Here are some cool features you can add to your snack package.

Packaging Solutions

gummy candy-snack packaging

Gummy Snack Candy

Gummy candies and snacks are a fun treat for all ages. Whether you have gummy worms or gummy bears we can print a stand up pouch or pillow pack for your gummy product. Ask a rep for some specific candy packaging samples today.

chips bag-snack packaging

Chips Bag

A bag of chips is one of the most classic snack foods around. (It's not just potatoes anymore!) Banana chips and even jerky chips are taking over the snack market. Let us print your chips bag pre-formed for hand filling or on roll stock for automated filling.

packaging for cookies-cookie bags-snacks

Packaging For Cookies

Cookie bags are a great alternative to the conventional cookie cartons we're used to seeing. From stand up pouches to single serve bags, our cookie bag packaging is custom printed and sized to your product. Pre-formed, fin sealed bag available for hand filling!

nuts packaging-packaging nuts for gifts-pouches-snacks

Nuts Packaging

Packaging nuts store well in high-barrier zippered pouches. Are you packaging nuts for gifts? We can print holiday-themed pouches with your custom design. Moreover, we can deliver them quickly.

packaging for dried fruit-snack packaging

Packaging For Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a healthy snack alternative to candy. We print on high-barrier flexible packaging that keeps moisture and oxygen from degrading your dried fruit product. Single serve and bulk pouch options available.

coconut packaging-coconut snack pouches

Coconut Packaging

Shredded coconut, as well as coconut chips, are commonly found packaged in stand up pouches or fin seal chip bags. Let a rep know which coconut packaging option you're looking for, and we'll guide you to the best option based on your filling capabilities.


Fun Window Shapes

You can make the pouch viewing window any shape imaginable. Especially fun for snack food products geared towards younger consumers. If you need some help with the file prep, just ask a packaging specialist.

High Barrier Snack Films

The Pouch House offers a variety of high-barrier flexible packaging films to ensure product freshness. Let us know your barrier objectives and how it intersects with your art/brand. We'll guide you to the best snack food film solution from there!

Multi SKUs

Snack food brands usually have more than one flavor. Get the best unit cost by gang running all your SKUs at once. Just let us know how you want the SKUs divided, and we'll come up with pricing options and fast lead times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snack Packaging

We are currently working on both recyclable and compostable packaging options. A list of our common flexible packaging materials can be found here. If your product has special barrier requirements, ask one of packaging specialists for more information.

There are several ways. If you have larger quantities, you may need to find a co-packer for automation. If you’re hand filling, you can take advantage of a commercial kitchen. We can send your packaging to fit either method. Be sure to discuss your capabilities at the beginning of your conversation with a packaging specialist.

Normally, about 15 business days AFTER you approve the proofs. Be sure your artwork is in good shape, so you can get your bags in the production schedule fast.

There are! To follow these packaging trends, follow our blog here. You can also find some great visuals on our Pinterest page as well.

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