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Protein Bar Wrappers And Granola Bar Packaging

Stand Out With Custom Printed Wrappers And Bar Labels

Using a custom printed protein bar wrapper gives your packaging, and your brand, credibility. You've worked hard on creating that special bar formula. Why not tell your story on a food safe custom printed wrapper? 

Emerging brands are creating twists on the classic protein bar / granola bar formula. With specific ingredients and targeted health benefits you can find a nutritional bar for almost anything. From prenatal bars to keto-friendly meat bars, the options are limitless.

If you’re one of those brands, let The Pouch House custom print your wrappers and bar labels. With full print customization on high-barrier film, your bar can stand up and stay fresh next to the big brands on the shelf. (and online!)

The perfect solution for hand filling, our high-barrier wrappers arrived pre-formed that are fully sealed with one end open. All you have to do is insert the bar and heat seal the other end. 

Learn more about Wrap'N'Roll: our brand fully dedicated to protein bar packaging.

Ask for a free sample kit to ensure your bar will fit properly. You can also download our free bar wrapper template to apply your graphics.

Need wrappers right away? No problem. The Pouch House can print and form wrappers within 12-15 business days after proof approval. If you’re using a co-packer or automation to fill your wrappers, we can offer roll stock as well.

Packaging Solutions

printed protein bar wrappers_printed bar labels and packaging

Protein Bar Wrappers

Protein bars are the perfect snack for working out. They provide a boost of vitamins while helping to build muscle mass. To get your emerging brand recognized, be sure to have an eye-catching design and value proposition clearly stated on your wrapper.

printed granola bar wrappers_printed bar labels and packaging

Granola Bar Wrappers

The granola bar is the classic snack that started the “bar” craze. With simple and healthy ingredients, granola bars are a great treat for at-home or on-the-go. What’s your brands take on this? We’d love to see it!

packaging for peanut butter energy balls_stand up pouch for energy ball

Energy Ball Pouches

Peanut butter energy balls, or energy balls of any kind, are a popular new form factor. A printed stand up pouch with a zipper gives the consumer bite size options and the ability to use multiple times. (as opposed to a single serving). Tip: Think about a custom shaped window on your pouch to show off your delicious product.

matte bar wrapper_metalized foil wrapper

Matte Energy Bar

All of our wrappers have a high-barrier metalized, foil like,  inner layer and can be coated in either matte or gloss finishes. Matte coatings seem to be the most popular choice in the marketplace, but the choice is yours!

display box and carton for bar packaging_pop display for bar wrappers

Display Boxes/Cartons

No bar brand is complete without a custom printed carton and POP display. Perfect for a retail shelf and online subscription boxes. Stock 12ct. boxes available.

printed roll stock for bar products_flow wrap film for bars

Printed Roll Stock

Roll stock gives you the fastest turnaround times and the best unit cost. Designed solely for filling automatically on a flow wrapper, our printed roll stock can run at your facility or with a co-packer. Be sure to reach out to a packaging specialist to set up a trial run for first-time orders.


Food Safety

Food safety is our number one priority. Our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 certification is built into every bar wrapper we print. This assures brand owners that their bar or energy ball product can come in safe contact with our wrappers and stand up pouches.

Manual Filling

For brands that are still getting traction in the marketplace, we conveniently offer our wrappers pre-formed for manual/hand-filling. This way you don’t need an expensive flow wrapper or a co-packer to get started. Once the end is sealed, it looks just like what you’d see in the store!

Packaging Options

It’s not just bar wrappers. We offer printed display boxes/cartons, stand up pouches, shrink sleeves, and pressure sensitive bar labels. Perfect for snack brands that have multiple SKU’s and products in their storefront.

Frequently Asked Questions About Protein Bar Warppers

For automated filling, we can do any size needed. For hand-filling we only have one standard size. This covers about 85% of the requests we get. As time goes on we will add more sizes and materials. Tip: Download our wrapper template PDF and print to full size. If it looks like a good match, request a sample kit to be sure. If it works, you’re in!

Heat seal film requires heat and pressure to create a bond when forming the wrapper. Cold seal film only requires pressure, since there’s a food safe adhesive applied to the inner wrapper. Cold seal is exclusive to automated filling, so heat seal would be the only option for manual filling. Download our heat seal vs. cold seal pros/cons sheet to learn more.

You can check out our wrapper price grid here. If you want just roll stock, you can expect a lower unit cost. Call a packaging specialist for more details.

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