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Custom Frozen Food Packaging That Performs

Flexible Packaging For The Freezer

Frozen foods need to withstand extreme cold temperatures for months on end. Our custom printed frozen food bags and stand up pouches can protect your product, without losing any print integrity. Zipper closures and tear notches will perform normally as they would at room temperature. We can also supply films for liquids and frozen soups.

The Pouch House is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certified facility. Rest assured your food product is safe for direct contact with all of our flexible packaging products. All products made in the USA!

Digital flexible packaging is an extremely responsive process. Most frozen food packaging projects are shipped within 15 business days AFTER proof approval. *There's also a possibility of faster turns, pending material and press time availability.

Packaging Solutions

frozen vegetable packaging-frozen food bag

Frozen Vegetables

We can print custom pouches and pillow packs for frozen vegetables. Let us know if you need roll stock for automated filling as well. We can send trial rolls to verify the fill size on your equipment.

frozen biscuit packaging-biscuit pouches

Biscuit Packaging

Frozen biscuits and breakfast sandwiches offer a satisfying on-the-go meal. We can offer printed pouches and film for your preferred packing operation. Safe for direct contact.

frozen pasta packaging-frozen meal pouch

Pasta Meals

Pre-prepared frozen meals, such as pasta and rice dishes, are great for dinner time. Make sure you have a bag that is both durable and easy to open.

ice cream wrappers-ice cream sandwich wrappers

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Need a wrapper or a pouch for an ice cream sandwich or frozen novelty? We can provide the roll stock - both individual wrappers and bulk pouches.


Food Safety

Moving your household or industrial product to a flexible packaging solution, as opposed to rigid packaging, will inherently offer a sustainable benefit. Furthermore, we may be able to offer recyclable films in some cases.


Our materials can withstand cold temperatures and heavy loading. Ask for a sample kit so you can test our pouches against your filling process.

New Flavors

If you're bringing a new flavor or SKU to market, test it out with a shorter run to see how consumers respond. Our digital printing technology allows us to do smaller runs with quick turns. Ask how we can help you scale up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Food Packaging

The best place to start is finding a co-packer that not only has equipment for frozen items, but specializes in your product. Frozen meals, seafood and ice cream novelties are widely different products, and therefore will have different packers involved.

They certainly can be, but the answer revolves around your filling process and brand needs. We have a blog post on it below... but you can also ask a packaging specialist about recyclable stand up pouches.

The bags we print will outlast your product. So no problems with degradation at all!

Normally 15 business days AFTER proof approval. Rush orders are available from time to time. Roll stock is about 5 business days faster, since we don’t have to pouch the film.

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