Chill Out With Some Cool Freezer Stand-Up Pouches

October 30, 2023

Are you pondering whether stand-up pouches are up to the task when it comes to storing your frosty favorites in the freezer? Well, let's put your freezer anxieties to rest and dive into the world of flexible packaging, designed specifically for cold temperatures.

Do Stand-Up Pouches Work in the Freezer?

The simple answer is: Absolutely! Stand-up pouches aren't just for your pantry; they've got a chilly side too. These versatile pouches are perfect for freezing all sorts of goodies. From fruits and vegetables to soups and stews, your frozen fare safe and sound. But the real magic lies in the different options available to cater to your freezing needs.

Freezer Pouches for Food: What To Know.


1. Metalized for Freshness:

Pretty much any stand up pouch film offered would pefrom well in the freezer, but metallized films have the highest moisture and oxygen barrier. Unless your art work has a spot mettalized effect or requires non-refrigerated barrier, our white or clear EVOH films will preform great.

2. Zip and Seal:

Reseaslble pouches with zipper will perform just fine in the freezer as well. Just note if you have a powdered substance you might require a powder proof zipper. Be sure to let a rep know at the quoting phase if that's needed.

3. Art And Ink Degradation:

Digital and flexo inks are stable enough to handle cold temperatures, so no worries on your branding or art seeing any degradation. Your logo and brand will be on point!

Stand Up Pouches for Freezer: Variety in the Cold Aisle


You might wonder if all freezer pouches are the same, but they're not. Each type has unique features that make them perfect for different frozen products. From sinlge serve to mulit-use, there are a lot of options. Again, since the product is being kept in the freezer, barrier becomes less of a concern.


- Snack-Sized Stand-Up Pouches: Ideal for freezing small portions of fruits or snacks. They're like personal chill chambers for your treats. Great for multiiple uses.


- Spouted Pouches: Perfect for chunky soups or stew, these pouches are designed for easy pouring without the mess.


- Single Serve Items: This one can get a little tricky. If the wrapper or pouch is to be removed before cooking, then there are a lot of option. If your product needs to be micorwaved or baked in it's packaging, you'll need to source an ovenable film to withstand the intense heat. Often time ovenable film carry higher miniminms so if you're looking for a short run, make sure to put consumer instruction in place to "remove from wrapper".


So, is there a real difference between these pouch options? Well, it all comes down to what you're freezing and how you want the consumer to access and cook it. Whether it's the convenience of a resealable zipper or the convenience of a microwaveable wrappers, the options are endless.

Next time you ask, "Do stand-up pouches work in the freezer?" – remember, not only do they work, they excel! Choose the one that best suits your freezer's treasure trove, and you'll never look back at your old, boring freezer storage methods again. Chilling out has never been so cool!


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