Which Flexible Packaging Closure is the Best Fit for your Product?

Let's dive into 4 different pouch closure options and their ideal application.
March 08, 2023

Flexible Packaging Closures: Which One Is Best For Your Pouch?

Flexible packaging has completely revolutionized the packaging industry, growing to a $62 billion sector in the United States alone. Precedence Research predicts that trend will persist over the next few years, forecasting a 4.35% CAGR for flexible packaging through the end of the decade.

Compact, lightweight, and extremely versatile, flexible packaging has many significant advantages over traditional rigid packaging. However, the ability to seal and re-seal the package repeatedly is what sets “flex pack” technology apart. 

Depending on the kind of product being packaged, there are several closure mechanisms to take into account. In this blog post, we'll examine five different types of flexible packaging closures and the uses that each kind is best suited for.

5 Types of Flexible Packaging Closures

1) Press-to-close zipper

The ubiquitous press-to-close zipper, the most popular style of flex pack closure mechanism, is recognized for being both inexpensive to create and simple to use. Press-to-close designs capitalize on the high barrier properties of flexible packaging to preserve the freshness of perishable products.

Ideal for: Food and pet products

2) Child-resistant closures

Child-resistant closure mechanisms are called upon anytime access to the product inside must be controlled for added safety. Such closures have been rigorously tested in laboratory settings to conform with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards regarding Poison Prevention Packaging.

Ideal for: Pharmaceuticals and cannabis products

3) Hook-to-hook

Hook-to-hook closures, such as Easylock by Aplix®, provide a VELCRO®-like closure mechanism that does not require precise alignment for closing. Made from recyclable food-grade polyethylene, this style of closure mechanism is often easier for children to use. 

Ideal for: Powdered products

4) Spouts

Not just for rigid bottles anymore, spouts can also be added to flexible packaging to facilitate easy, mess-free pouring. Refillable, re-closable, and eco-friendly, spout closures are easily adapted to many different styles and shapes of pouches.

Ideal for: Liquid products

The Pouch House: Flexible Packaging Made Simple

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