How Flexible Packaging Is Changing the Beauty Industry

Packaging trends for the cosmetic and personal care industry.
March 11, 2023

Sustainable Packaging and the Beauty Industry

In the past, the beauty industry was notorious for leaving the environment in the dust, giving it a bad rep when it came to sustainability. Why? According to the Green Business Bureau, “The beauty industry generates up to 120 billion units of plastics packaging per year contributing to the loss of 18 million acres of forest annually.”

Not to mention, the industry’s poor use of chemicals and air pollution emissions. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Within the past 2 years, there has been an industry-wide push towards implementing more sustainable practices such as responsible sourcing and eco-friendly personal care packaging.

Consumer demand for more sustainable personal care packaging is on the rise. Sustainable packaging has greater influence than ever before on consumers purchasing habits. Reports have even found that many consumers are willing to pay more for products with eco-friendly attributes.

The time has come to revolutionize the beauty industry and raise the bar for companies worldwide.

How are we revolutionizing our industry? The Pouch House is currently in the testing stages for compostable pouches.

How does Flexible Packaging come into play?

Flexible packaging provides a higher product-to-packaging ratio than rigid packaging. For example, normal cosmetic packaging includes a box with the product inside. Flexible packaging eliminates that box, saving thousands upon millions of boxes annually.

Looking inside the box, most beauty products come in a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles can be extremely harmful for the environment if not disposed of properly or recycled. Flexible packaging uses 60% less plastic and is 23% lighter than traditional rigid packaging on average.

Their lightweight capabilities save money on shipping costs and reduce CO2 emissions in production and transportation. Furthermore, convenience and ease of use drives today's consumer decisions. With less time to spare and more options than ever, they crave the easy access it has to offer. Flexible packaging keeps customers and sustainability top of mind.

 Industry Products Perfect for Our Personal Care Films

At The Pouch House, we understand how important it is to provide high-quality personal care films for your beauty product. Our flexible packaging offers ultra-high barriers ensuring product quality, making it an ideal choice for makeup and skin care packaging.

Our lay flat pouches and sachets are perfect for single-use products such as serum samples, collagen eye gels, or peel off/hydrating sheet masks. (Face mask packaging especially is right up our alley!)

Our stand-up pouches are a great option for personal care products such as beauty blenders or bath bombs. Different from the lay flat pouches, they have gussets that allow them to stand up (and stand out!) on the shelf.

Providing you with the best beauty and skin care packaging is our number #1 priority. From face masks and hair products, to make-up samples and bath powders, The Pouch House has your beauty and personal care packaging needs covered.

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