Cannabis Laws And How To Make Your Brand Stand Apart

Brands are flocking to the cannabis product market. Make sure you get noticed.
March 11, 2023

Cannabis Laws: What It Means For Your Packaging

Brands are flocking to the cannabis product market. Make sure you get noticed.

More and more states are legalizing the use and sale of cannabis products. Most recently it is Minnesota – the same state in which The Pouch House prints custom pouches. 

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Beginning July 1, it will be explicitly legal to sell edibles and beverages containing limited amounts of THC derived from hemp — one variety of cannabis plant — to those age 21 or over who are not eligible for the state's medical marijuana program.” Adults in Minnesota who want to try THC-related products, perhaps as an alternative to alcoholic drinks, now have that option.

With this recent legislation in effect, new cannabis products are flooding the marketplace. How are these emerging brands in Minnesota (and other states) going to stand out from the competition?

Flexible Packaging Builds Brands – And Revenue

Packaging that incorporates creative, thought-provoking design elements is key to gaining visibility in any crowded market. This is especially true of the cannabis industry. Custom-printed pouches with imaginative details call out to consumers while building trust and credibility – paving the way for that all-important first sale to a new customer.

As the packaging experts on note, recreational users purchase every 14 days and spend $49 per transaction. Translation: Returning cannabis customers drive residual revenue. Focusing on high-quality packaging materials for edibles and other cannabis products makes sound business sense.

An Introduction to Cannabis Packaging

As an innovator in the flexible packaging industry, The Pouch House offers a variety of products to emerging cannabis brands. With our low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and quick lead times, start-up producers can order only what’s needed and replenish inventory as they go. Then, as the business grows, having the ability to forecast top-selling lines and SKUs enables the producer to lower their per-unit costs through larger order quantities. Here are three flexible packaging options that are commonly recommended by The Pouch House.

Custom Mylar Bags for Cannabis

Having a custom mylar bag is a first step in standing out from the competition. As a true end-to-end business partner, The Pouch House helps cannabis marketers select the right packaging material, finish and coloring. Whether it’s a custom stand up mylar bag or a lay flat design, we have all the bases covered with four stand up and two lay flat options to choose from. We also have the ability to incorporate child-resistant zippers into our custom mylar bag designs.

Custom Smell-Proof Bags

What exactly is a smell-proof bag? It’s a pouch made of a thick material that curbs the smell of cannabis to ensure that the odor stays inside. However, it also has important freshness properties. Cannabis flower dries out easily and loses its taste if it is exposed to too much oxygen. To keep flowers fresh for as long as possible, we strongly recommend proper storage using custom smell-proof bags.

Exit Bags for Cannabis Dispensaries

Exit bags refer to the outer flexible packaging that customers use to carry purchases as they leave dispensaries. Here again, this outer pouch can serve as a key marketing tool for a cannabis store when customized to function as a brand-building device. For example, imagine exit bag pouches imprinted with a variable hemp leaf pattern, effectively turning each pouch into a 100% unique work of functional art.

The Pouch House: Cannabis Packaging Made Simple

The Pouch House, a Taylor Corporation company, is set up to support the flexible packaging needs of cannabis producers large and small. We manufacture a wide variety of pouches in a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified facility, enabling producers to go to market with confidence. We are also G7 Master Printer certified, ensuring that our customers’ brands are reproduced accurately every time.

Want to explore how flexible packaging can help build your brand in a crowded cannabis marketplace? Contact The Pouch House to learn more and get a custom quote.

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